Free Halloween Printables!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well! Halloween is just around the corner, and for the occasion I have made some free printables for you to enjoy and use on whatever you'd like. They can be used as cupcake toppers, napkin rings, cups, favor tags, envelope stickers, party hats, water bottle labels, and more!! If you happen to use them, please let me see!!! Either tweet me the picture @LSanaa or post it on my facebook page! Also if you'd like to see more stuff like this, let me know, and I'll try to make more of them for Christmas and other Holidays! :D


Typo Play #Halloween

Hello Y'all,

I have been gone for a while, me and my other half were on vacation, trying to enjoy the last days of sun before the constant rain! Meanwhile, I did find some time to draw and explore, specially with hand lettering. It was really fun, although much harder than it seems! I managed to complete this Halloween Poster (my first!) and I'm pretty happy, because it turned out better than what I expected! I tried to use many different styles of writing while trying to keep it harmonious. I would love some feedback from you guys, as I'm really trying to improve my work! What do you think of the lettering and of the color scheme!? Also Halloween is around the corner!!... any costume ideas? I have to say I think I'd like to be a witch this year! Check out this pinterest board on the subject! Long live the classics! :)

Fall is Here!

Hello Internet,

Don't know about where you live, but here in Montreal it seems like Summer's officially gone and that Autumn is here. The change in temperature was pretty drastic too, going from 20 to 0 overnight! Although summer left us without a warning I am pretty excited for the new season. Fall is definitely my favorite time or the year. The weather is not too hot, not too cold and I get to wear my favorite coat and take long peaceful walks in the woods. I love all things autumn like pumpkin soup, cinnamon cocoa and all the colors that nature brings! I like to enjoy all those things knowing that winter will come soon and beware... because winter in Montreal is not for the faint hearted!

And so, to celebrate Fall I have made this themed greeting card design; Meet Gumbo Jones, the banjo playing Frog and his friends the Worm Trio! Happy Fall Y'all!

Bonjour Internet!

Je ne sais pas où vous vivez, mais ici à Montréal il semblerai que l'été a définitivement plié bagage et que l'automne soit bien installé! Du jour au lendemain la température a chuté de 20 à 0 degré. Malgré le départ soudain de l'été je suis très enthousiaste pour la nouvelle saison; l'automne est définitivement ma saison préférée! La température n'y est ni trop chaude ni trop froide et j'ai enfin l'occasion de porter mon manteau préféré et de prendre de paisible marches à travers les bois. J'aime tout ce qui est automne; la soupe à la citrouille, le chocolat chaud à la cannelle et les belles couleurs dont la nature se couvre. J'aime profiter de toutes ses choses sachant que l'hiver arrive à grand pas... et attention l'hiver Montréalais n'est pas fait pour les petites natures!

Et donc, pour célébrer la saison, j'ai réalisé ce design de carte de souhait, Je vous présente Gumbo Jones, la grenouille joueuse de banjo et son Trio de vers de terre chantants!

Happy Fall Y'all!

My postcards are here!

Hello Internet!

I am exited to say that I finally got my promo postcards! And it's a big deal because they are my first ever! As I am trying to make it in illustration, I have had to plan a promotion calendar and build mailing lists! Which is was little stressful, but in a good way! I can't wait to see what jobs will come my way by using this tool! I'm happy with how they turned out, still continues to impress me with their quality! Also I'd like to give a big shout out to Holli Conger who helped me in the past two months to get myself started and create a facebook page, resurrect my website and who has all around taught me a lot!


Dandy Bones is back!

Hello Internet!

Like I already shared last week, I've had so much fun creating that character! So here's a new illustration showing Dandy's favorite activity, sipping on some Absinthe in his drawing room! Funny enough, I've also had a craving for retro horror movies! 1992's Dracula anyone?

Bonjour Internet!

Comme vous le savez, le perso de Dandy Bones, m'a collé à la tête, et donc le revoici dans une illustration où il adhère à son activité préférée; déguster un petit verre d’Absinthe prêt du feu. Aussi, j'ai drôlement envie de regarder des vieux films d'horreur ces temps ci! Dracula de Coppola (1992) ?


DB Sketch

So I really had fun with my previous character, Mr. Dandy Bones! And so, I'm working on a new illustration! uhmmm what colors should I use?


Mr. Dandy Bones

Hi Internet,

It's been a few! So I've done an illustration Friday Piece this week! The theme was skull and I've had a lot of fun making this little illustration of my character, Mr. Dandy Bones. HE GOT SWAG!


Global Talent Search 2014

Hello internet people!

I'm so excited today, because I submitted my Global Talent Search piece. This year the assignment was to make a wall art piece either for the adult or children's market using the theme of terrariums! It was super fun, and really made THINK about color a lot! Would you hang my piece in your little girls room?

Bonjour internet!

Je suis si heureuse aujourd'hui, puisque j'ai soumis mon illustration pour le concours Global Talent Search! Cette année il fallait créer une pièce déco murale soit pour enfants ou adultes, en se basant sur le thème des terrariums. C'était très amusant et ça m'a forcé à vraiment réfléchir à mes couleurs. Est-ce que vous accrocheriez ma pièce sur le mur de la chambre de votre enfant?


Postcard Design

Hi everyone,

Here is a little postcard design I made for myself. I'm pretty happy about how it turned down, I might even print a few copies! Anyone interested?

Bonjour à tous,

Voici un petit design de carte postale. Je suis assez satisfaite de ce ça a donné, je crois même en imprimer pas mal d'exemplaires. Quelqu'un d'intéréssé?


Cooking with Dad

Hello everyone!

Just made a new illustration! Moments between dad and daughter are so important, specially when it's to make Mom a surprise! Have a nice day! For more content like this follow me on facebook at Sanaa Legdani Illustration.