Improv Poster

It's been a while crocodiles!

The Start of the year went fairly slowly for me. It was a nice change from the busy busy holidays! Now we are almost spring and things are getting back to their normal pace! As many of you know, working as a freelance illustrator can be fairly lonely, and so, to get me out of the house and with people, I've been doing improvisational theater!

Improv is great! I recommend it to everyone, specially people who want to get out of their shells, laugh and learn with other comedy lovers! I have been taking wonderful classes at the Montreal Improv Theater for about two years, and so I was thrilled when they asked me to make a poster for one of their events called "Ketchup Moutarde", an improv duos show in french held monthly! If you're in the Montreal Area please check out their calendar for more amazing shows in French and in English!

I'm proud to present their new poster, inspired by that lovely condiment couple that is Ketchup and Mustard!
Making Posters is really fun!

See ya!