Free Printable Advent Calendar DIY

Hello Internet!

Xmas will be there soon, and to celebrate the season, and also add some color and fun to my apartment, I have made this colorful advent calendar! I got inspired by monsieur + madame, and made my own patterns and drawings to print out and use to make little paper bags! They are perfect to put candy and surprises in! Just hold them on strings using clothespins and your done! See below for instructions! The download link is at the bottom.

Please enjoy and share!

- Sanaa

You'll need...

my printable advent calendar, scissors, a glue stick, masking tape, some string ( I used yarn) , 24 clothespins, and candy or goodies!


1- Print my free printable advent calendar .pdf file.

2- Cut all the pages in half, and discard excess paper.

3- Fold the paper bags following the line guides.

4- Fold and Glue the back end using a glue stick.

5- Fold and tape the bottom of each bag with masking tape.

6- Trim the top of the bags with scissors. (you can also use craft scissors to cut a fun pattern in the paper)

7- Place your bags on the strings holding them with clothespins.

8- Fill them with goodies, and you're done!