Flashback - Student Movie


Since the begining of the year, I went through all my files and archives and found a lot of gems. One of the most precious is my student film called “OM”. It’s an animated short that I made from A to Z about a monk who hopes to climb a mountain! Animation is such a painstaking process that I respect very much.

The Clue Experiment

Hello there!

So a few weeks ago I started a personal project, totally for fun. I started designing my own "Clue - The Detective Game" playing cards. I loved "Clue" as a kid, and played the game with my sisters very often. 

Of course, the game has been done and redone by many artists over the years and each edition has it's own style and beauty. This experiment was about seeing what I could do with the game if I was given the chance. I wasn't commissioned for this and I only did 9 of the 18 original cards. 

Designing Board Games
In the past, I have designed assets for many online games, but this was the first time designing cards for a board game, which was in some ways similar and in other ways different.

What's similar? The need for unity and harmony between the cards, you need to set your mind on a visual signature very early on and keep it while you're making each card.  For that reason, I recommend sketching all the elements before starting to color anything. Also, after you've done sketching you can experiment with a few different colors and treatment. I like to do this, because it keeps me from doubting my choices later on during the process. Once you've settled on a way of doing things, it will be much easier and faster to go through coloring all the cards. Here's a few ideas on Scarlett's character. And the overall style I've chosen for the different types of cards.

What's different? Board games do not belong on a screen, but rather on your kitchen table surrounded by your friends, in your young and not so young hands! Because of that you interact very differently with them and the size and level of details are very important. While working on this project I kept going back and forth between a zoomed view and an actual size view of each card. That way I avoided working on details that would not show up later on, and saved a lot of time. I also kept and updated file of all the cards next to each other, to make sure they were consistent in style. Finally, contrast and colors are also big issues, and if I wanted to print these, I would probably have to test the colors until I found the best settings. 


In conclusion
Not surprisingly design board games is a labor of the heart, because It's a long process that demands focus and vision. Surprisingly for me, as I usually prefer to draw characters, the room Cards were the most fun! Designing environment can be as fulfilling as designing a cool character! I definitely want to design more projects like this!

If you've read through this post... WOW, you're amazing! Thank you and feel free to comment below and let me know what you're up to! What's your current board game design project? What should I re-design next?

See ya!

Sanaa <3

Princess Duo

Greetings to you!

I've been wanting to draw princesses for a while now! It has been a dream subject since childhood, I really can't help it! It's been real fun to draw the dresses! Here I've been inspired by rococo clothes, as I've watched Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette for the gazillion time and tried giving it a simpler more graphic twist! 

Bonjour à vous!

Cela fait très longtemps que je voulais dessiner des princesses! C'est un thème de rêve depuis la tendre enfance et pourtant je n'en n'avais jamais fait! C'était très amusant à faire, et ça m'a donné le goût d’illustrer un livre sur le sujet! J'ai revu dernièrement, pour la millième fois, le film de Sofia Coppola, Marie-Antoinette,  et c'est toujours aussi beau et inspirant! J'ai tenté ici d'en faire une interprétation plus simple et plus graphique. 

Greeting Cards

Hello there!

It's been a while since I shared some of my actual work so here's a few birthday cards I made a little while ago. They'll be available for purchase at Peaceable Kingdom and in stores this summer! I had so much fun making these and working with their great creative Director Jenny Rez!

I'll make sure to show you guys once I get my samples, which will be very soon!


Improv Poster

It's been a while crocodiles!

The Start of the year went fairly slowly for me. It was a nice change from the busy busy holidays! Now we are almost spring and things are getting back to their normal pace! As many of you know, working as a freelance illustrator can be fairly lonely, and so, to get me out of the house and with people, I've been doing improvisational theater!

Improv is great! I recommend it to everyone, specially people who want to get out of their shells, laugh and learn with other comedy lovers! I have been taking wonderful classes at the Montreal Improv Theater for about two years, and so I was thrilled when they asked me to make a poster for one of their events called "Ketchup Moutarde", an improv duos show in french held monthly! If you're in the Montreal Area please check out their calendar for more amazing shows in French and in English!

I'm proud to present their new poster, inspired by that lovely condiment couple that is Ketchup and Mustard!
Making Posters is really fun!

See ya!


Journal Cover Design

Hello Internet!

What's up wth me? As some of you know, I'm always on the look out for things to learn and classes to take. With Lilla Rogers's Make art that sells Bootcamp I've been doing just that. And so, I have made a Journal Cover design inspired by nothing else than Edwardian brooches!

I really had dun with shapes and I got to practice making shiny gems! I also really enjoyed making my own lettering!

Take a look at my design!
Would you buy a journal like that?
Would you use it for something specific?

Let me know below!


Free Printable Advent Calendar DIY

Hello Internet!

Xmas will be there soon, and to celebrate the season, and also add some color and fun to my apartment, I have made this colorful advent calendar! I got inspired by monsieur + madame, and made my own patterns and drawings to print out and use to make little paper bags! They are perfect to put candy and surprises in! Just hold them on strings using clothespins and your done! See below for instructions! The download link is at the bottom.

Please enjoy and share!

- Sanaa

You'll need...

my printable advent calendar, scissors, a glue stick, masking tape, some string ( I used yarn) , 24 clothespins, and candy or goodies!


1- Print my free printable advent calendar .pdf file.

2- Cut all the pages in half, and discard excess paper.

3- Fold the paper bags following the line guides.

4- Fold and Glue the back end using a glue stick.

5- Fold and tape the bottom of each bag with masking tape.

6- Trim the top of the bags with scissors. (you can also use craft scissors to cut a fun pattern in the paper)

7- Place your bags on the strings holding them with clothespins.

8- Fill them with goodies, and you're done!

Cute Xmas List + Free printable

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing very well! Let's face it, Christmas is coming soon,  and to avoid getting all stressed out on December, we better start planning now! That's why I made this cute and free printable Christmas to do list! You can use it to write down the things you have to prepare or all the wonderful activities you're going to do on the Holidays!



Xmas To Do List (Yellow and Blue) - Download

Xmas To do List (Red and Green) - Download